Senior Process Engineer

Company Name:
Senior Process Engineer:
1. Supporting manufacturing of a variety of Nuferns optical fiber products and supervising entire product lines as a Product Engineer as they move through the plant. This includes both standard products, as well as fibers under development.
2. Responsible for optical and chemical design of new fibers in the product line (either by working with customers or internal needs), development of the fibers on the MCVD equipment, performing mathematical calculations to model fiber properties, and providing instructions for manufacturing that product in the entire plant.
3. Troubleshooting any product failures in the product line.
4. Oversee technical aspects for the production of standard fiber products and ensure successfully delivering product on time
5. Develop and implement improvements upon existing manufacturing processes to improve product quality, maximize efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. Includes process data analysis with statistical software such as MINITAB.
6. Support process improvements and troubleshooting in the Preform Overcollapse department, including review of technical glassworking skills.
7. Assist in equipment troubleshooting and repair as a final resource, once all other resources have been exhausted.
8. New MCVD or OC Lathe installation and commissioning.
9. Perform Gage, Repeatability and Reproducibility study for the measurement systems in the department.
10. Reviewing product failures and determining root cause analysis. This includes, but is not limited to, performing optical fiber proof test breaks source analysis and troubleshooting.
Minimum Requirements:
A bachelors degree or foreign equivalent (employer will accept combination of degrees) in chemical engineering, material science, ceramic engineering, computer science, or related discipline followed by 5 years of progressive experience in high tech manufacturing.
Experience must include the following, which may be gained concurrently:
-5 years of experience in high tech glass manufacturing, preferably in fiber optics, modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD).
-5 years of experience demonstrating analytical and experimental approaches to problem solving and troubleshooting through design of experiment, characterization, and data analysis.
-5 years of experience directing large, cross organizational multi-disciplinary projects
-5 years of experience in reaction chemistry and mathematical modeling of experimental data.
-Experience in heat, mass and energy transfer principles for application to complex chemical processes.
-Experience in Access or other database systems, or in statistical analysis / process control software.
Job site: 7 Airport Park Road, East Granby, CT 06026. Full-time.
For full job description and to apply: http://www.nufern.com/career_jobs/. Reference Job ID: 2014-24.

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